Is Tiffany going to become a generic name? Tiffany vs Costco

Nowadays, we can buy a diamond in any shop, but in a few ones we can feel ourselves safe of the fact that are not cheating on us and we are paying for the actual cost.

desayuno-con-diamantes_jpg_288×319_píxelesIn February 2013, Tiffany & Co. It sued Costco for the sale of the «Tiffany» rings. Tiffany published a press release in February 2013, alleging the sale of counterfeit rings, «Costco has infringed the trademark of the company, causing damage to the brand and its customers».

Costco in compensation demanded in March, alleging that “Tiffany” is now a generic term that describes a ring with a diamond mounted in six tops.

Costco sells high-end legitimate including Cartier and Chanel jewelers, so that customers could believe that they were buying genuine Tiffany rings at reduced prices. Other Jewelers refer to their rings as «Tiffany style», but Costco was really selling rings «Tiffany». Costco was found guilty of violation of trademark in the past year.

“Good Morning America” invited an expert gemologist to the show to compare similar diamonds Costco and Tiffany. While Tiffany diamond worth 58% more than its price in the initial evaluation, the Costco diamond was sold by 17% less than its real value. Everything comes down to the preference. Although some of them might prefer to pay less for a ring of better quality, others will have to pay a little more for the small blue box. A company that offers the appraisal – sale service is Artsvalua in which I collaborate.

The January 17, judge Laura Taylor Swain rejected the request of Tiffany for the trial, and she supports that a jury might think that the term “Tiffany“ is generic and therefore the mark is not valid. Costco can continue with its defense argument.

This way it seems to me that the translation “Breakfast at Tiffany” to “Desayuno con diamantes” in Spanish, can be a prelude of the step of Tiffany to generic name as diamond …

Rocío A.M.

Translate by: Adryana Zavala